David Blumenstein, The Hatchery's Founder and Managing
Partner Moves On After 4 Years. Next Focus: TEKWORKS

TEKWORKS: The Road Ahead

  • People and Technology are my passions. In working closely these past two years with Investment Bankers, taking regular meetings with M&A executives, and calling upon Corporate Development executives, I became enthralled by the prospect of making deals. Following this path is the logical next step, as has been recommended by clients, associates and counsel.
  • Ideas know no gender and are not bound by physical geography. There exists an entire world of game changers out there, I want to meet even more of them and bring their ideas to life.
  • Monetization of corporations' vast storehouses of technology, which apart from the licensing
    of any patents, languish in obscurity. Its time to spin out the technology that makes sense, involving developers and visionaries at large.

TEKWORKS: The Mission

    ❝tekworks seeks to discover innovative and emerging technology companies from all over the world, providing them with strategic, business and corporate development services. Alongside its worldwide network of venture capital, private equity, hedge funds, wealth managers, and corporate development groups, tekworks participates directly in private placements, spin outs, and mergers & acquisitions.❞


  • The Hatchery bridged the gap between investors and entrepreneurs in New York City.
  • Event series: Are You Serious? Gauntlet and Hatch Match served as physical conduits.
  • Its most notable contributions: providing Context and Relevance to the deal-making,
    venture, start-up and developer communities.

David Blumenstein's Public Statement

"After 4 years of bringing people together, it is now time that I get back to what excites me most,
and that is working with teams of dedicated people, looking to make a difference, be innovative
changing not only what we do, but how we experience our respective lives and collective world.
This can be achieved in many ways and with me taking on various roles; technologist, strategist,
connector, deal-maker or simply being there to not just hear, but listen acutely to people profess
their ideas and extol their vision. -- The TEKWORKS directive."


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