❝tekworks seeks to discover innovative and emerging technology companies from all over the world, providing them with strategic, business, marketing and corporate development services.

    Alongside its worldwide network of venture capital, private equity, hedge funds, wealth managers, and corporate development groups, tekworks participates directly in private placements, spin outs, and mergers & acquisitions.❞

    Banking on its experience in the Enterprise: Publishing, Financial Services, Advertising & Media, tekworks is positioned to collaborate with emerging and established companies on their digital strategy, end-to-end business workflow, and internal/external technology direction.

    TEKWORKS: Offerings

    • Definition of Mission Statement
    • Construction and evaluation of Business Strategy: B2B and/or B2C
    • Evaluation and analysis of Viability and Scalability
    • Evaluation and analysis of Audience and Market
    • Assessment and Prioritisation of Prospective Customers
    • Explore, Uncover, Compare, Contrast Market Competition
    • Evaluation, analysis, prioritisation of Business Models and Revenue Streams
    • Advisory on the development of Go to Market & Customer Acquisition Strategy
    • Assessment and crunching of Financials and Projections
    • Advisory on the selection and due diligence of prospective venture investors
    • Assistance in the development of Pitch Presentations/Investor Decks
    • Development of full scale Marketing Plan and Execution Strategy
    • Development of full scale Market Expansion Strategy and Entry Plan of Action
    • Definition of Digital Strategy, Agenda and Timetables
    • Design and Implementation of internal and external technology.

    TEKWORKS: References

    ❝David has one of the most broad based minds I have ever seen, seamlessly able to switch between the geek work and the high level strategic world without missing a beat. He is tireless, and seems to know everyone in all fields.❞    Michael L. Smolens, Chairman & Founder DotSub

    ❝David has provided me with invaluable strategic insight into the world of startups and venture capital; I am thankful for his involvement.❞    Rich Woolley, CEO Paperclip

    ❝David offers Entrepreneurs a sounding-board of experience, rooted in solid contacts from the most successful VC's and Angels in both the US and the EU. He's able to rapidly employ advise in scale to any business model and guide where appropriate, but more importantly, where needed. He's fast become our go-to sounding board for fresh ideas in the UK, to scratch against hard knocks from the US and acts as an invaluable source of risk calculation.❞    James Palmer, CEO GamerDating

    ❝My mentoring session with David was one of the most beneficial and productive meetings that I have ever had. As soon as I met him I felt like he was on the team's side and he instantly brought what appeared to be decades of tech experience and insights to finding solutions for our company.
    He not only suggested brilliant technical ideas but gave us wisdom into people's psychology and consumer behaviour. I know for a fact that David's advice will greatly benefit our company and we're extremely grateful for his time.❞    Amit Jaiswal - CEO, Founder Foogi

    TEKWORKS: Public Statement

    ❝I enjoy bringing people together, and it is what excites me most; working with teams of dedicated people, looking to make a difference, being innovative, and changing not only what we do, but how we experience our respective lives and collective world. This can be achieved in many ways and with me taking on various roles; technologist, strategist, connector, deal-maker or simply being there to not just hear, but listen acutely to people profess their ideas and extol their vision. -- The TEKWORKS directive.❞

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